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Welcome . . . . !

This page will be most useful to self-reliant outdoors enthusiasts who wish to know more about non-commercial, low-cost travel opportunities. For twenty-five years we networked with fellow travellers from most of the continental US; many of whom joined us for at least one of our self-outfitted group trips yearly. We utilized our feet, vans, or water craft for transportation and did most of the trips without guide service. These 7-14 day long trips were always outdoors and camping-oriented.. Because of health and advancing age issues, time catches up with all or us, we had to discontinue organizing group trips but we continue to travel when possible.

Close to 50 Mb of travel information can be found here, including trip descriptions, thousands of photos from places we've traveled, over twenty years of email newsletters, and other items of possible interest to a fellow traveler. A search engine is included to help you find items of specific interest. The web site design features bare bones html and short pages that quickly link and load, hopefully saving you time and making your visit worthwhile. With a 56 kb modem, every internally linked object should load in 10-20 seconds. Of course with DSL or other high speed internet service, capable of video streaming, our site performance should only be limited by server delays.

If you find a dead link, or some other part of our page that does not function as expected, we would appreciate hearing about the problem.

Explore and enjoy.

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